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Conservative Party rampant cash for access culture is criminal



SDG 16 ABUSES - CASH FOR LOBBYING & CONTRACTS - EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS 10 NOVEMBER 2021 - Boris Johnson's Conservative party has a rampant cash-for-access culture that goes back years – Ian Murray MP

The last week has exposed Boris Johnson’s low standards, poor judgement, and sleazy government.

In 1997, former PM, John Major was brought down in-part by the sleaze that surrounded his Cabinet.

Fast forward 24 years, the same culture of corruption remains within their party, driven by a sense of entitlement and arrogance.

Last Tuesday, it was revealed that Owen Paterson, Tory MP for North Shropshire, is paid £100,000 a year to lobby for Randox, a company that was awarded contracts worth about £500 million by the government.

The government is rotten to the core.

An apology must be the start but, true to fashion, the Prime Minister has been avoiding accountability rather than committing to a full public investigation into the contracts handed to Randox.

It’s time to say to this Prime Minister, “enough is enough”. We will not stand by whilst he trashes our democracy.

We are fortunate in this country. Voters may not always agree with politicians, but they do hope that disagreements are sincere, that their representatives are acting in the national interest, and that we can resolve our disagreements in debate, and at the ballot box.

But when the PM gives the green light to corruption, he corrodes trust.

I can’t understand how some MPs can find the time to have second jobs. Any spare time I have is given to my constituents.

Being an MP is not only more than a full-time job, but an absolute privilege that should be treated as such.

MPs are sent to Westminster to represent their constituencies; it is a job I love to do and take an immense amount of pride in.

We are not sent to Westminster to act as paid lobbyists. This is a principle so basic it has existed since 1695.

the rampant cash-for-access culture within the Conservative Party continues to rear its ugly head, and I’m afraid this won’t be ending soon.

The chaos ensues and Boris Johnson is nowhere to be found. He is not a serious leader, and the joke isn’t funny anymore.

Ian Murray is Labour MP for Edinburgh South




Boris Johnson, blah, blah, blah, fossil fool



THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB - In modern politics it is almost a prerequisite that you have to be able to lie convincingly. For the art of persuasion, or selling, relies on the ability to put an idea across in a way that is acceptable to the receiver of information. You also have to have balls, to take on the job in the first place. Without any doubt Boris has the balls for the job, but his judgment may have become clouded by those he was rubbing shoulders with, and in competition with. Meaning that he had to lie better than his party members, and they in turn had to lie better than the Liberals or Labour candidates. Honest politicians finish last. The electorate want to be sold a rosier picture. It makes them feel good and they will vote for the best on offer, regardless of deception on a grand scale. The electorate are that stupid on occasion. They just like a good showman, with a performance that tends to shut down their brains, if they had taken the time to look around for themselves. But few do.


INCOMPETENCE Vs SLEAZE - Okay, so most politicians tell a few whoppers, but what about the incompetence and sleaze. Did we say sleaze? It's actually fraud, and fraudsters are ordinary criminals who go to jail. But not in England, here there are two tiers of crooks, the ones who get prosecuted, and the ones the state grants immunity to. It seems the larger the swindle and the more public, the less chance of the voters seeing political crooks paying (back) their debt to society.


LIE DETECTORS - Where the Job Centre uses (or has used) lie detectors, to check claims for Job Seekers allowance. How about hooking up politicians to polygraph machines during speeches and debates, with giant meters on the walls behind them to show tendencies during question answering as to policies. Lie detectors are not admissible as evidence and not infallible, but they may help the voting audience to decide if a candidate is telling the truth at all. It's high time a Prime Minister was prosecuted, for allowing misconduct in public office to continue unchecked, thereby becoming party to the crime: R v Dytham [1979] QB 722. It matters not that such happenings are custom and practice (everybody does it) in the Conservative camp. It is an offence that is punishable in common law, and the offenders must be indicted as being in the public interest. A failure to investigate a crime, is a crime.





Older politicians do not seem to be able to get their head around renewables, and energy that is both clean and sustainable, so stuck in the mud they are on: Coal, Gas or Oil profiteering. Geriatric policies abound, like technophobia, the fear of trying something new. They don't understand how to effect change, so they reject it, taking the safe ground, rather than deal with climate deniers, and finding alternatives to being bribed. Maybe, even safeguarding their own shareholdings. The ones they forgot to declare, or have put in other names.


The other problem is a lack of competent leadership, highlighted by Partygate and Sue Gray's report. Boris is so used to lying to get his way in the short term, that he forgets that he will be held to account later on for the failure of his government to deliver on election promises. His leadership lurches from one fiasco to another 'U' turn. It's all very well fooling the electorate with charmed speeches, but quite another to actually turn those promises into reality.


That said, he had the balls to try and transform us from Dirty Birtie. A problem now, to find a replacement leader with that level of daring, tempered with a tad more honesty. The UK is the most corrupt country in the world when it comes to (drug) money laundering, according to media reports, and honours can be bought, allegedly. This is the real war on drugs. Stop the crooks washing their money clean with executive house purchases, using rents and housing benefits to bleach their criminal activities.


But then Britain is lumbering under a Constitutional Monarchy that is dysfunctional to say the least, and possibly, well past it's sell date, as in due for an overhaul - from scandals that have shaken this monastic relic to the core. Much as we love our dear mother figure. Madge has failed to tackle planning corruption and financial slavery, reveling in immoral earnings, that MPs have been calling to plug since David Cameron's disastrous administration, no doubt to be awarded a KG, like Tony Blair, for war crimes!!! Yes, it happened for real. But what will Mr Cameron's KG be for. Igniting Brexit?


It is said that Bojo managed to get himself elected on what amounts to fake news (massaged figures) relating to Brexit, where the UK was stirred up into what we now think was a bullshit maelstrom of misplaced national pride, including lying to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Nobody, including the Royals seemed to mind about that because they knew it would take an incredible feat of poker playing to disengage from Europe on terms favourable to the UK.


But since then Brexit has been used as the excuse to pardon all corruption sins, and so far it has worked a charm. Though, with so many cock-ups, Boris is now being called 'Shitfinger' after the James Bond film: 'Goldfinger' (Auric Goldfinger) and Austin Powers' 'Goldmember' (Midas touch, but he touched it too much), where everything he touches lately turns to crap. He, or rather, his escapades are also being headed: 'Shagatha Christie.' No prizes there for guessing why. We'd not be surprised if Bojo turned up to number 10 in a 'Shaguar,' to complete the circle, for a full on spoof movie featuring Mike Myers, and perhaps Steven Spielberg.




Why is Boris Johnson still the Prime Minister?



WEARING THIN - The time may be coming when voters want clear explanation and decisive action. The Climate Change Committee (CCC) have said that, without a levy on fossil fuel heating, the Government is effectively subsidising it. Currently, electricity is artificially expensive, as almost a fifth of the domestic cost is made up of levies funding decarbonisation projects, as well as subsidising energy for poorer households. On average, households currently spend £159 on green levies.


If this had been explained to the electorate years ago, we may have had a better infrastructure for renewables, and revised policies to exploit that supply chain, rather than lumbering us with fossil fuels for longer than was necessary. This is where the sleaze creeps into the equation, with inappropriate donations steering policy, instead of common sense and a solid plan for future generations.








Boris Johnson faces a fresh lobbying scandal after a former health minister apparently broke second jobs rules and lied about a £200-an-hour role with a drug company.

The firm was later handed a Covid-19 testing contract worth £100,000.

Winchester MP Stephen Brine started raking in £1,600 a month giving “strategic advice” to Sigma pharmaceuticals, just months after quitting as Public Health Minister in March 2019.

Mr Brine repeatedly claimed on the public Register of Members’ Interests that he’d been given the green-light to take the job from Parliament’s revolving door watchdog.

But the Sunday Mirror can reveal he broke the Ministerial Code by not consulting them until after he had brazenly started working for the multi-million pound firm.

Mr Johnson still faces party infighting and plunging poll numbers over his botched response to the Owen Paterson lobbying scandal.

Mr Brine quietly quit his job at Sigma on November 22, after the Prime Minister vowed to ban MPs from “exploiting their positions” with consultancy jobs.

Former Ministers have to consult jobs watchdog the Advisory Body on Business Appointments (ACOBA) before taking any job within two years of leaving government.

But an ACOBA spokesperson told the Sunday Mirror the body had refused to give Mr Brine advice on the job because he only approached them after he’d started working for Sigma.

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner today wrote to ACOBA chair Lord Pickles, asking him to clarify the “troubling” situation.

She told the Sunday Mirror: “It takes quite the brass neck to apparently use the cover of the Business Appointments process when there has been no decision, and no approval for a lobbying job."

She added: “Steve Brine has been making a mockery of the system whilst making over £200 an hour to advise a pharmaceutical company. “This is why we need the clarity of a ban on second jobs for MPs, so this can’t go on any longer.”

Mr Brine told the Sunday Mirror: “I am going to look into all of this with the House authorities, at the earliest opportunity, and make sure everything is in order. “I am grateful for your bringing it to my attention.”

Mr Brine already faced questions over a meeting he attended in February between Sigma and then-Vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi.

Two months later, the firm was awarded a £100,000 government contract to supply Covid-19 tests to pharmacies.

But both the firm and Mr Brine deny he acted as a lobbyist, and insist he played no role in the deal.

Approached about the meeting last month, Bharat Shah, the founder of Sigma, also said Brine was an adviser and not a lobbyist. He said Mr Brine “was not involved with or had any knowledge of” the lateral flow test contract. There’s no suggestion of any wrongdoing on the part of Sigma.

The Ministerial Code states: “Former Ministers must ensure that no new appointments are announced, or taken up, before the Committee has been able to provide its advice.”

And ACOBA’s guidance for former ministers states: “A retrospective application is one where an appointment or employment has been taken up or announced before the Committee has provided its full and final advice.  “This is a breach of the government’s Rules.”


Surely then, the payments constitute proceeds of crime? Cronyism must be stamped out.





Tory sleaze: Boris Johnson and his acolytes are subverting British democracy because they think they are untouchable – Tommy Sheppard MSP

In many other countries, he would be long gone. True, his popularity is plummeting in the polls. True, Westminster is rife with rumours about Cabinet ministers setting up offices for their Tory leadership bids. But after two years of misdemeanour and mismanagement, he’s still there.

Perhaps it’s because he had a massive credit in the chutzpah bank to begin with. But that characteristic bullishness is part of the problem.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Johnson has played fast and loose with democracy. After all, he has form. Even before the last general election, he illegally prorogued parliament and lied to the Queen. It is, however, astonishing what he has got away with and for how long.

In some ways, we have Owen Paterson to thank for drawing back the veil on sleaze and corruption. Remember him? A Tory MP until he resigned in disgrace a month ago. Healthcare company Randox paid Paterson £8,333 a month for 16 hours work. After Paterson’s approach to ministers, they landed a contract for testing kits worth £133 million.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards found Paterson guilty and ordered a slap on the wrist – suspension for 30 days. Most people might have quietly accepted the admonition. Not Paterson. Not Johnson.




Daily Mirror, another day another lie



YUP, ANOTHER LIE - Boris Johnson has been accused of lying to his own standards tsar in yet another sleaze scandal to hit the government.

Ministerial standards advisor Lord Geidt is reportedly considering his position after apparent discrepancies emerged in the prime minister’s account of who paid for the refurbishment of his Downing Street flat.

The Conservative Party was fined £17,800 yesterday by the Electoral Commission after it found more than £50,000 had not been properly declared.

Investigators concluded the money gifted to the party from Tory grandee Lord Brownlow, via a private company, to cover the costs of redecorating the PM’s official residence amounted to a donation and should have been declared in the usual way.

The probe found ‘serious failings in the party’s compliance systems’, already an embarrassing charge in light of the Owen Paterson affair.

But any hopes in Number 10 the damning report would draw a line under the affair were dashed when questions were raised over possible differences in the PM’s account.

Evidence unearthed by the commission revealed Johnson had sent the peer a WhatsApp message in November 2020 ‘asking him to authorise further, at that stage unspecified, refurbishment works on the residence’, to which he agreed.

But during a previous probe by Lord Geidt, Mr Johnson said he first became aware of questions surrounding the funding of the refurbishment in February, four months after the private message was sent.

According to The Telegraph, Lord Geidt is ‘on the brink of quitting’ over the appearance he was misled by the prime minister.

Downing Street has denied Mr Johnson lied and said he was unaware Lord Brownlow was financing the blind trust which was funding the refurbishment.

The official spokesperson said: ‘Lord Brownlow was the chair of a blind trust and acted in accordance with his experience of managing blind trusts in that way, the prime minister’s discussions with Lord Brownlow were done without him knowing the underlying donor of that donation.’

In his report from May, Lord Geidt said that despite ‘some limited’ contact during the period in question the ‘record shows no evidence that the prime minister had been informed by Lord Brownlow that he had personally settled the total costs’.

For the ‘credibility of this inquiry’, Lord Geidt said he tested the assertions that Mr Johnson did not know ‘either the fact or the method of the costs of refurbishing the apartment having been paid’.

He said the individuals involved ‘confirmed to me that these assertions are correct’, adding: ‘I have also spoken in similar terms to the prime minister who confirms that he knew nothing about such payments until immediately prior to media reports in February 2021.’

Labour’s deputy leader has demanded an urgent investigation into the matter, saying: ‘It is right that the Electoral Commission has fined the Conservative Party but the prime minister must now explain why he lied to the British public saying he didn’t know who was behind No 11 flat refurb – all the while he was WhatsApping the donor asking for more money.

‘Boris Johnson has taken the British public for fools. He’s not only broken the law but made a mockery of the standards we expect from our prime ministers.’

If Lord Geidt resigns, he would be the second to hold the standards role under Mr Johnson to do so in protest.

His predecessor, Sir Alex Allan, quit in fury after the PM decided not to sack home secretary Priti Patel despite his report finding she had engaged in behaviour towards staff which amounted to bullying.




Staggeringly, they set about overturning the Commissioner’s recommendation in the House of Commons. Journalists reported Tory MPs were being threatened with losing government funding in their constituencies to make them toe the line. They got it through, only to renege and throw Paterson to the wolves when the press and public reaction made his defence untenable.

Meanwhile, over in the House of Lords, the stench is even stronger. Lord Cruddas is a financier once named the richest man in the City of London. He’s given £4 million to the Tories over the years. The House of Lords Appointments Committee ruled unanimously against making the businessman a Lord. Johnson overruled the committee, the first Prime Minister ever to do so.

Cruddas was made a Lord in 2020. And get this: we know from just-published Electoral Commission records that he gave a further £500k to the Tories three days after his appointment. It stinks to high heaven.




David Cameron and Boris Johnson, cut from the same cloth


THE CONSERVATIVE GRAVY TRAIN - Though even that word is too mild. The sleaze stories of the 1990s are dwarfed by this week’s revelations, which suggest not only serial abuse of office by a former Conservative prime minister, but a pattern of corruption at the heart of this Tory government.

On top of all that, we now know that current Tory cabinet ministers were in regular touch – texting or sharing a pint – with their former boss David Cameron, as he used his status as an ex-PM and the privileged access it gave him to pitch on behalf of his new employer, Lex Greensill. If Cameron could get his one-time colleagues and subordinates to do as he asked, he stood to pocket a staggering $60m. What’s more, this week we discovered that in Cameron’s government, holders of top civil service posts were simultaneously moonlighting for Greensill, and that they were allowed to do so. They were paid by you and me to guard the public purse, but they were also looking out for a finance company that proved so dodgy it collapsed.

The other, more inviting Tory path is to nod earnestly and concede that this is a systemic problem, one that affects all parties and which should be cleaned up. This rests on the assertion that Labour are just as rotten, and draws strength from the populist catechism that all politicians are as bad as each other, all in it for themselves. Johnson gave a run-out to that argument at prime minister’s questions, hitting back at Keir Starmer by noting the business activities of Labour peer Peter Mandelson, now back as an unofficial adviser to the Labour leader.

There’s a rich vein for Johnson to mine. Several New Labour luminaries were caught in lobbying scandals of their own, while Tony Blair notoriously cashed in after leaving office in 2007. And didn’t the rot set in with New Labour’s fondness for bringing private sector executives into the civil service? As for corruption, last month’s verdict on Labour’s governance of Liverpool city council could hardly be more damning. All of which makes it tempting, for the media especially, to cast the current crisis as a plague-on-all-your-houses problem of all parties.

Labour has to fight that impulse hard. It can admit that Blair made a fortune working for assorted hideous regimes, but he never lobbied the British government for profit as Cameron did. And yes, Labour brought various commercial figures into Whitehall but they did not work for private companies at the same time. More easily, Starmer the former prosecutor can say the party is under new management now and he will have zero tolerance of sleaze wherever he finds it, whether that’s in Liverpool or in the construction project that was supposed to cost Unite members £35m, but ended up costing £98m, after the contract was awarded to one of Len McCluskey’s pals.

Johnson cannot make a similarly clean break, partly because of the Arcuri affair, which implicates him directly, and partly because the abusers and disgracers of office in his cabinet remain there: he sacked neither Jenrick nor Patel, and no heads have rolled over PPE procurement. On the contrary, the “disruptor” ethos embodied by Johnson’s ex-svengali Dominic Cummings positively glorifies rule-breaking. The arrogance that comes with an 80-seat majority only feeds that sense of impunity.

Of course, Labour can propose a battery of systemic changes. That could include a ban on lobbying by former office holders, preventing them from influencing the decision-makers they used to work with; a new integrity commission with the power of sanction, rather than the mere right to write stiff but ignorable letters; an end to civil service moonlighting; and repair of the currently broken freedom of information regime, to ensure transparency.

The evidence was mounting up already. The communities secretary, Robert Jenrick, rushing through an “unlawful” planning decision benefiting property developer and Tory donor Richard Desmond, saving the former porn publisher £45m in local taxes. A fast-track for those with friends in high places, allowing the well-connected to jump the queue when the PPE procurement contracts were handed out early in the Covid crisis, so that companies with no relevant experience – but a bulging contacts book – landed contracts worth hundreds of millions. Jennifer Arcuri, Johnson’s former lover, receiving £126,000 in public money, some of it from London’s City Hall while Johnson was mayor. Priti Patel breaking the ministerial code, yet holding on to her job while the official who reached that verdict is out of his – leaving the post vacant, which means behaviour by ministers has gone unscrutinised for five months. 




There’s a bigger picture here. The Tories are also seeking to restrict the Electoral Commission, requiring it to conform to a ‘strategy and policy statement’. This means that sitting government ministers will be giving political direction to the adjudicator of our elections and regulator of party donations.

If this happened anywhere else, it would rightly be condemned as undermining the integrity and independence of elections.

It comes alongside the Dissolution and Calling of Parliaments Bill, which centralises the power over election timing in the hands of the Prime Minister alone, with no parliamentary oversight. Then there’s the policing bill, which curtails the right to protest and weakens judicial review.

All of this is orchestrated by Johnson and his acolytes. They think they are untouchable. But history has a way of catching up with wrongdoers.

Meanwhile, the reek of Westminster corruption is just one more reason why people in Scotland might want to take control of their own affairs and develop a process of government which is fair, transparent, and accountable.





What a shambles in Boris Johnson's Billy Smarts Cabinet, making a circus of things.



IS IT TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE? - Symbolic of Britain's reforestation efforts. You might need to plant a few more than that Prime minister. You might also consider implementing policies to phase out coal and oil, and replace those fossil fuels with renewable, sustainable energy generation.


Trees as forests or woods must be protected in law with Tree Preservation Orders - by local authorities. Yes, get them to do something useful. Trees newly planted for sustainable wood supplies, would be exempt from TPOs. Old woods and forests need to be surveyed and catalogued - and should already have been so. If not, this is a priority area. A sort of Judgment Day for trees.


It must be illegal to cut down surveyed forest and woods. Fines and imprisonment of the owners and/or operators of the woods/forests should be imposed as strictly applied penalties, so devaluing woodland for would be purchasers looking to make profits by immoral means - and preserving this designation of Green Belt, say as Brown Belt - the new Green Belt for wood.


There should be no taxes payable on sustainable wood supplied to the building trade. To incentivise business owners and property developers to build in wood. Fresh un-wooded land purchases where wood is planted for the growing and supply of sustainably managed forests/woods should be 100% tax deductible. Grants might be applied to incentivise planting, because of the long lead times between planting and harvesting. These Grants may come from Carbon Taxes, levied on the burning of coal, diesel and petroleum fossil fuels.


Trees planted for burning, would be treated as a fossil fuel, even though freshly produced, because of the harmful emissions. See carbon monoxide poisoning.


Similar rules could be adopted by the United Nations. This might go some way to alleviating the loss of income from cutting and lopping mature rain forests, such as with Brazil, Canada and Indonesia. The use of Confiscation Orders, for illegal logging, might preserve areas, which then becomes common land - for the common good.


Model rules like this to be applied as Statute by all participating countries, may go some way to making COP26 a partial success.




Drax power station is pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to boost global warming



UP IN SMOKE - Boris Johnson’s tree-planting pledge has been branded an “utterly humiliating” failure after official figures revealed the number of trees planted fell last year. 

The Prime Minister made a manifesto pledge during the 2019 general election to plant more than 30,000 hectares (75,000 acres) of trees a year by 2024, in a bid to reach net zero by 2050. 

But figures released by the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs, show that just under 2,200 hectares of trees were planted in 2020/21 in England, down from 2,340 hectares the year before. 

It means the Government has managed to hit just 14 per cent of its tree-planting target. In comparison, the Scottish Government has planted 10,660 hectares over the same period. 

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey said: “Johnson’s Government failing to even hit its own modest target for tree-planting shows a total lack of leadership. We desperately need trees to allow wildlife to prosper and make our country a better, healthier place to live.”

When Drax opened for business in 1974, Britain got 80 percent of its electricity from burning coal. As recently as five years ago, the figure was 40 percent. But last year, it was 9 percent, and this summer coal supplied less than 2 percent of Britain’s electricity. On April 21, 2017, for the first time since its inception, the British power grid went 24 hours without coal.

Annual subsidies for Drax power station in North Yorkshire, a former coal-fired power station which now runs on “biomass” made up of imported waste wood, reached £832m in 2020, while the budget for tree planting and peatland works out at just £130m a year.

Drax was recently named the UK’s biggest single source of CO2 emissions. It releases over 13 million tonnes of CO2 a year, using around 7 million tonnes of wood pellets, the equivalent of about 25 million trees, scientists have said.

Meanwhile, environment minister Zac Goldsmith admitted this week just 2,000 hectares of trees had been planted in England this year. The government has said it is aiming to plant 30,000 hectares of new woodland across the UK each year by 2024, including 7,000-10,000 hectares in England by the end of this parliamentary term.

Labour MPs claimed the “massive subsidies” for burning imported wood at Drax, combined with the low-level of tree planting meant the government’s plan to tackle the climate crisis through planting trees “is in flames”.

“The government’s plan to tackle climate change through planting trees is in flames as it gives over £800m a year to Drax to be the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions from burning imported wood, compared to £650 million over five years on tree planting and woodlands.”




The export of oil and gas, and use of coal, where the UK has abundantly windy coastlines, and could do more to encourage solar roofs and the development of an infrastructure to support EVs, highlights the inaction on the part of this Conservative government. Whereas, Teresa May implemented amendments to the Climate Change Act 1998 in 2008 and introduced the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act 2018.


Politicians that thumb their noses at climate change, such as to increase harmful pollution, might have to face criminal prosecution via the International Criminal Court, and the tenets of the Rome Statute of 1998. Whereby it is a criminal offence to cause hurt to another human, from your actions or failure to act to prevent harm.






SOMERSET COUNTY GAZETTE 5 AUGUST 2021 - A petition opposing the drilling of oil and gas from the seabed near Shetland has been delivered to Downing Street after Boris Johnson claimed he was unaware of the plans. Fortunately before the new laws the Tories are trying to slip in under Priti Patel's home office stewardship, to enable searches and prison for protestors.

The UK Government could approve proposals for fossil fuel extraction from the Cambo oil field ahead of the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow this year.

Original licensing for fossil fuel exploration at the site – located in the North Atlantic to the west of the Shetland Islands – was initially approved in 2001.

If given the go-ahead for full extraction by the UK Government, a further 150-170 million barrels are due to be drilled from the site, which is expected to operate until 2050.

ut more than 80,000 people have now signed a petition demanding the Prime Minister stop the development and block any extraction of fossil fuels given the climate crisis and pledges to reduce carbon emissions.

Asked about the Cambo proposals by the BBC on Wednesday, Mr Johnson said: “I’m not aware of that particular decision.

“Let me tell you, that particular decision has not been brought to me.

“What I can tell you is that there are already long periods of two weeks or more when this whole country runs on clean power. That’s what I want.”







Business and Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, who joined Mr Johnson on a visit to a wind farm off the Aberdeenshire coast on Thursday, previously insisted he was not involved in the decision to allow the fossil fuel extraction.

The UK Government’s Oil and Gas Authority and Offshore Petroleum Regulator for Environment & Decommissioning will make the final decision unless ministers intervene.

A spokeswoman for the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy previously said: “While we are working hard to drive down demand for fossil fuels, there will continue to be ongoing demand for oil and gas over the coming years, as recognised by the independent Climate Change Committee.”

Labour leader Keir Starmer yesterday said the Cambo oilfield should not get the go-ahead and called for a “hard-edged” timetable to end oil and gas extraction.

In addition to the 80,000-strong petition, an open letter signed by 77 organisations has also been sent to Boris Johnson, similarly calling on him to reject the Cambo proposal. Signatories include Save the Children, RSPB, Oxfam, 350, Friends of the Earth, Green Alliance, Avaaz and Uplift.

The letter says: “As the host of Cop26, it is vital for the UK’s international leadership credentials on climate change for it to walk the walk on all aspects of domestic energy policy.








“The Government has succeeded in mobilising the G7 behind the 1.5C target, which we strongly support. However, approving the Cambo Field will threaten this progress and stall our efforts at climate diplomacy at the exact moment we need them to accelerate.

“It will be hard to avoid the irony of world leaders meeting in Glasgow to discuss how to achieve a 1.5-degree world, while the UK Government contemplates a new oil field just over 300 miles to the north.”

Caroline Rance, from Friends of the Earth, Scotland said: “Boris Johnson doesn’t sound like a climate leader on top of his brief. With less than 100 days to go to COP, how does he not know what is going on and the fact that his Government is poised to approve this huge oil field?

“If the Oil and Gas Authority is going rogue and just nodding these massive projects through, then the Prime Minister has to personally get a grip on energy policy and put a stop to these developments.

“The Government should be supporting and re-training oil and gas workers to transition to jobs in sectors such as renewable energy or decommissioning oil platforms.

“A managed phase-out away from oil and gas is necessary to create the long-term protection for people who currently work in this industry, their communities and the climate.”

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “We are wholly committed to becoming a net-zero economy by 2045 and, whilst this is ultimately a reserved area, any Scottish Government support for oil and gas businesses operating in the North Sea is conditional upon them contributing to a sustainable and inclusive energy transition, and ensuring a secure energy supply.

“The oil and gas sector can play a positive role in Scotland’s energy transition, helping to design the diverse energy system we need for the future. The knowledge and experience of the oil and gas sector and its supply chain will also be important for developing and investing in essential low carbon technologies, such as Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage – a technology that is seen by experts such as the UK Climate Change Committee and International Energy Agency as being vital to achieving Scottish, UK and international climate emissions targets.

“In 2020 we launched our £62 million Energy Transition Fund to support the oil, gas and energy sectors grow and diversify, accelerating its transition to net-zero emissions. Fair Work principles are being applied across projects funded by the Energy Transition Fund, supporting the creation of green jobs and training individuals with the skills they need to ensure a just transition to net-zero with people’s wellbeing at its heart.”


[To their credit, it is reported that Shell have now withdrawn from the plan to extract more oil, in light of public representations and a perceived lack of support from government that could cause untold problems for such a project]




G20 abusers will say they had no choice. They needed to keep burning coal, gas and oil for their economies - just like the camp guards at the many concentration camps. They will say they were forced into business as usual, as a stance.


In the case of the camp guards, they argued they were just following orders. But that is not true. We all have choices. We can choose to do the right thing. There are clean alternatives, such as solar and wind power. There is no need to keep building coal fired electricity generating stations, and no need to drive carcinogenic petrol or diesel vehicles that contribute to lung cancer. We have hydrogen fuel cells, electrolyzers and zero emission electric vehicles.


If you are going to increase electricity capacity, it makes sense to invest in renewable energy, unless it is that the fossil fuel giants are lubricating the works with party donations. If that is the case, we say that such contributions should be transparently declared, that the public is informed as to what is guiding policy decisions.


Why the hell didn't I think of that before employing a lot of bozo MPs?



THE TELEGRAPH - 5 NOVEMBER 2021 - How Boris Johnson's pledge to end forest destruction ignores 25m trees Britain is burning for biomass

Britain will continue to produce electricity from burning the equivalent of more than 25 million trees a year - despite Boris Johnson's pledge to end the destruction of forests, The Telegraph can reveal.

The Prime Minister agreed with 100 world leaders at Cop26 to halt and reverse tree loss.

However, he has been accused of “conveniently ignoring” the alleged harm to forests done by Drax biomass power station, which burns fuel pellets made from processed wood.

Leading scientists have warned that Drax’s North Yorkshire biomass plant, which receives £2.3 million a day in green subsidies from consumers, is releasing more carbon into the atmosphere than the coal it used to burn. The energy is treated as renewable, largely because the burnt trees are replanted.

However, academics say the saplings will take decades, if not centuries, to reverse the damage done to the environment - time which Mr Johnson has admitted the world does not have. Are we up shit creek without a paddle. We may be with the wrong politicians steering the boat.




State grants immunity to former minister fraudster Philip Hammond, Section 3 and 4 2006 Act



STATE GRANTED IMMUNITY - It's more of the same with injustice for some, those who question corruption, and immunity from prosecution for others. The Fraud Act 2006 is clear on the subject of obtaining a pecuniary advantage. Breaking a rule as to conflicts of interests, sends the wrong signals to other MPs, who will now think they can also get away with it. There should be a zero tolerance policy toward rule breaking.






It would be a simple matter to audit a parliamentary candidate when elected an MP, to compare his salary and legitimate expenses as a Member of Parliament, with his net worth year on year - and finally when he retires from parliamentary duties.


The difference between what he/she should have been worth, and what they are actually worth, having scoured their bank account and property acquisitions world-wide, might then be the subject of potential criminal proceedings for fraudulent use of a trusted position in politics.




Bozo PM, Number 10 Clowning Street, London         The biggest bullshitter and conman in UK politics



WHAT A JOHNSON - A special big thank you goes out to Bozo (Boris Johnson) the Clown, for halving the value of pensioner's savings, in failing to procure effective policies for a sustainable future. Still, according to the media, he's had a jolly good time with his staff, to upset evolutionists, allegedly creating more clown clones who might also be fossil fool enough to get voted in on comedy haystack haircuts and lackluster policies, loaded with hypnotic gaslight promises, for the drugged party faithful. Unfortunately, all words, no action.


Parliamentary rules of conduct, must be observed, where corruption is allied to global warming. Declarations of interest must be made. We advocate, that if there is going to be a shakeup of the system, it should be to eliminate conflicts of interest - such as consultancy fees. Johnson by name, Johnson by nature. The problem being who is better in a vacuum of contenders?


If you want to get into politics, take up juggling and tightrope walking and join the Circus. The voters love Billy Smarts Britain. No qualifications or skills are necessary. You can learn on the job, and move to another ministerial position when you foul it up. Don't worry, the electorate are that stupid, they'll never notice - so long as you went to a public school and studied P. T. Barnham.


"Boris Johnson is ‘an embarrassing buffoon, with an untidy mind and sub-zero diplomatic judgment’, says Sir Alan Duncan in his book: The Thick Of It." [Guardian]

"Empty gas pumps, worker shortages, gaps on store shelves. It's an autumn of inconvenience in Britain, if not quite a winter of discontent." [Independent]

The long-running German satirical show Extra 3 recently featured a sketch with the following voiceover: “From the people who brought you The Crown – the epic saga of the Queen – now comes the ridiculous story of this guy, a notorious buffoon at the head of a country … The Clown.” [The Guardian]


".. the desperate for power will do anything. Johnson is a clown but he’s also the most dangerous man in Britain. He has abandoned morals and any ideals." [Flux Magazine]


In an interview with ITV News, the Prime Minister said he had “never tried to deceive the public”.

“I may have got things wrong, I may have been mistaken, but I've never tried to deceive people about the way I see things," he is quoted as saying.
The Mirror, lists 60 lies attributed to Boris online. It might be time to pull those trousers up, and start using what little grey matter remains to comprehend what is going on around him. Or he could take up Juggling and Tight Rope Walking, and go pro.





Post BREXIT border controls under Boris Johnson




ALL TALK, NO ACTION - Until removed, it could be that Bojo does more long term damage to Britain in peacetime, that Adolf Hitler in WWII. He could prove to be significantly worse than Margaret Thatcher in squeezing the electorate dry to compensate for his (quick fix) economic inadequacies. Maggie sold off social housing and then tried a Poll Tax. Making people homeless and then charging them for walking the streets. Early signs of dementia, or just plain ruthless dictator tendency!


How about respiration or reproduction taxes? China tried the latter. Rishi Sunak is said to be considering the former. But don't hold your breath.


Bozo is bulky enough to provide a starving mob with a nourishing meal, by way of just satisfaction, with many of his cabinet supplying more comestible delights - as supermarket shelves dry up. Forget donating bodies to medical research, donate them to the fresh meat cabinet. The other great political buffoon was the butcher; Idi Amin, former President of Uganda. Pass the salt!




This would not affect working for a living as a retired MP, save where confidentiality exists, and non-competition clauses are applied to prevent using information and contacts made while in office. A suggested period of cooling would be at least 5 years.


The public will be aware that many MPs have profited from being an MP, many times over their salaries. The only way to explain this is from consultancy fees and working in other areas while, ostensibly, working for the people as an MP. We respectfully submit that you cannot do both at the same time. Hence, the ruse of being an MP is simply to get your feet under the table of power, and make hay while you can get away with it.




Is Sir Geoffrey Cox working enough hours as an MP not to be corrupt?



GEOFFREY COX MP - Apparently, it was “legitimate” for former attorney general Sir Geoffrey Cox to earn hundreds of thousands of pounds advising the British Virgin Islands in a corruption probe launched by the Foreign Office, the Cabinet minister who set up the inquiry has said. [If so the system needs a radical overhaul]

Dominic Raab, who as foreign secretary launched the commission of inquiry into what he called “very serious” allegations in the governance of the islands, said it was useful for Parliament to have some knowledge of what was going on in the overseas territory.

But Mr Raab, who is now Justice Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister, said it is for voters to decide whether they feel Sir Geoffrey is dedicating enough time to being an MP. [clearly they do not]

The most recent register of financial interests showed that Sir Geoffrey will earn more than £800,000 from Withers, an international law firm appointed by the British Virgin Islands (BVI) government in January.

In the latest update, the Torridge and West Devon Conservative MP disclosed that, from September 28 this year until further notice, he will be paid £400,000 a year by Withers for up to 41 hours of work a month.

The documents show Sir Geoffrey also received from Withers this year:

£52,535.84 for 60 hours of work between January 25 and February 28
£45,354.48 for 55 hours of work between February 28 and March 26
£72,569.39 for 89 hours of work between March 26 and April 29
£156,916.08 for 140 hours of work between April 29 and May 31
£63,143.03 for 50 hours of work between June 1 and June 30
and £46,716.29 for 40 hours of work between July 1 and July 31

He also registered a total of £133,603.84 for other legal work. How then does he have the time to carry out his parliamentary duties?

Among the allegations being examined in the investigation are that public servants, community leaders and people in the media had been intimidated to such a degree that they spoke of living in a “climate of fear”.

It was claimed that funds set aside for struggling families during the pandemic had been “reallocated to political allies”, while government contracts had been awarded without any proper procurement process.

At the same time, there were concerns over the misuse of taxpayers’ money on infrastructure projects and about the “potential vulnerability” of the islands to serious organised crime.

Those worries were underlined last November with the seizure of more than two tones of cocaine worth almost £190 million.

The Daily Mail reported that Sir Geoffrey voted remotely in Parliament using coronavirus contingency measures while in the Caribbean.

And Hansard records show Sir Geoffrey has spoken in one debate in the Commons this year.

Labour Party chairwoman Anneliese Dodds has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the case, saying it is a “question of leadership”.

The PA news agency has contacted Sir Geoffrey’s office for comment.

The row is the latest in days of allegations over Tory sleaze, which started last Wednesday when MPs were ordered to vote for a new committee to consider an altered system of appeals after former environment secretary Owen Paterson was sanctioned, only for ministers to backtrack hours later after opposition parties refused to co-operate.

During a three-hour emergency debate on standards on Monday, Mr Johnson was accused of “running scared” after deciding to follow through with his visit to an NHS hospital trust in Northumberland on Monday rather than be present to hear MPs’ criticisms of his Government’s handling of the Paterson affair.






OWEN PATTERSON MP - We think it is shameful that members of parliament think they can do two jobs, so sidelining their function as a representative of the people. To our mind it smacks of fraud, as in obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception. The deception being that in taking on a role as an MP, they are signing up to give value for money to the taxpayer, where clearly, there is a conflict of interest.







RENTS & HOUSING CLAIMS - Some 17 landlord MPs – 15 Conservatives and two Labour – have put their housing costs on expenses while earning more than £10,000 a year each renting out their own properties in recent years.

Former attorney general Sir Geoffrey Cox sparked outrage after it emerged that he was claiming £1,900 a month for his taxpayer-funded flat while claiming a rental income from a home elsewhere in London.

An investigation by The Independent shows five current ministers have also claimed for rent while letting out homes in the capital, including international trade secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan, defence secretary Ben Wallace, Foreign Office minister James Cleverly, prisons minister Victoria Atkins and junior Treasury minister John Glen.

Sir Alistair Graham, the former chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, said the latest findings on second homes by The Independent were “shocking”. He called for an end to the “loophole” which allowed property-owning MPs to put their own rent on expenses and stay within the rules.

The standards veteran said: “It may be within the rules, but it’s quite wrong for MPs to use the public purse in this way. MPs have a duty to claim only public funds that are necessary.”

Sir Alistair added: “If there’s an opportunity to end the loophole allowing them to do this, then we must take it. There is growing feeling that the rules must change.”

Over the past five years, 17 MPs have claimed over £1.3m in taxpayer-funded rent while collecting thousands rent letting out properties in the capital, according to submissions published by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA).

Ms Trevelyan, the trade secretary, has claimed £106,000 in expenses for her own rental payments since April 2016. She also claims a rental income on a London flat she registered after she entered parliament in 2015.

Mr Wallace, the defence secretary, claimed more than £110,000 in taxpayer-funded rent between April 2016 and July 2020 – a period in which he was also collecting rent on a property in London.

Mr Cleverly has claimed more than £71,000 in expenses for his own rental payments since April 2016. The former Tory party chair charges the taxpayer £1,200 a month for the flat he lives in, while also receiving an income from a jointly-owned residential property in London.

It is understood that junior Home Office minister Ms Atkins’ claim for more than £43,000 in rent since April 2018 relates to her constituency home in Lincolnshire. Since April 2018 she has also been collecting rent on a house in London.

Other Tory MPs to have claimed for rental costs while letting residential property in London include former trade minister Dr Liam Fox, former media minister John Whittingdale, Philip Davies, Robert Goodwill, Laurence Robertson, Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Anne Marie Morris and Greg Knight.

Conservative backbencher Damian Collins has the single largest rent expenses submission, claiming just over £148,000 from the taxpayer over the past five years, all while taking in a rental income from property in London.

Labour MP Geraint Davies has claimed just over £67,000 in taxpayer funding to rent a home between November 2017 and April 2021 – a period during which he also collecting rent payments letting out residential a property he owns in the capital.

Clive Betts, a fellow Labour backbencher, claimed just over £44,000 for rent between April 2016 and June 2018, the same period he also claimed rental income on a London home.

MPs have not been eligible to claim expenses for mortgage payments on their second homes in London since 2010 under changes brought in following the previous year’s expenses scandal.

But claims for rent are permitted under Ipsa rules, which state that MPs can receive taxpayer funding for “rental payments and associated costs”. An Ipsa document in 2017 conceded that some arrangements could be controversial – but advised against any change to the rules.

“We recognise that there can be a perception of personal gain if an MP receives rental income from their own property while living in an Ipsa-funded flat,” it said. “However … We do not want to judge an MP’s private arrangements and whether or not they should live in a property they own.”

Sir Geoffrey has been under fire following the disclosure that he stands to make more than £1m from outside legal work, including representing the British Virgin Islands in a corruption inquiry.

He is currently claiming £22,000 a year in taxpayer funding to rent a London home while collecting rent on another property he co-owns in the capital.

The morals of these MPs is shot to bits. Are they fit to hold office? We think not.




Is failing to respond to correspondence on transport issues evidence of corruption?



HUW MERRIMAN - How can an MP who has worked for Lehman Brothers be trusted to work on a transport committee, without being audited? Obvious conflicts of interest arise, especially where planning consents are being handed out in Sussex in this MP's constituency, for executive houses that are not climate friendly. Yet, no genuinely affordable houses are being built. And the contractors are contributors to the Conservative Party. Corruption and rampant discrimination have long been features of planning decisions in the Wealden District. Huw Merriman has been noted for failing to reply to formal correspondence from his concerned constituents and an organization concerned with zero carbon transport, tending to bring the Parliamentary system into disrepute - as a breach of the MP's Code of Conduct. The latest refusal is to do with BT and Open Reach, and an ongoing complaint from some three years ago. In the vein of sleaze, the Ombudsman (Ofcom) is saying that OpenReach is independent of BT, even though BT owns the company outright, hence is the controlling mind. Clearly, BT enjoy a monopoly situation - without any means to force repairs. They are thus failing to provide an adequate service, with State support, in the full knowledge that we do not have Article 13 in our Human Rights Act 1998, the right to an effective remedy.


There should be a multi agency approach (MAPPA) to verifying MPs, using anti-terrorism protocols, the same as are being applied to sex offenders, dissidents and activists. Bank details, property and other information is monitored to prevent terrorists, rapists and murderers from re-offending. Why not for MPs? Suspected cases of fraud should be investigated by an outside police force. Once again, to preserve impartiality and the appearance of bias.





Boris Johnson Accused Of "Skulking" Away From COP26 After Defending Corruption Allegations

Shadow energy secretary Ed Miliband accused Boris Johnson of a "dereliction of duty" as the COP26 talks enter their final days, after the Prime Minister made a whistlestop visit to Glasgow on Wednesday.

Speaking to PoliticsHome, Miliband said the rather than "showcase" the UK, Johnson had been forced to talk about corruption because of "his actions, and the actions of his government".

"COP26 was supposed to be a chance to showcase Britain to the world and show leadership on the climate crisis," he said. 

"Instead the Prime Minister has stood on the world stage and been forced to insist that Britain isn't a corrupt country because of his actions, and the actions of his government."

Johnson held a press conference in front of the world's media on Wednesday, which was dominated by questions about Tory sleaze following revelations about former Attorney General Geoffrey Cox's lucrative legal work in the Caribbean.

Johnson, who urged countries still involved in negotiations on the final deal to "just get on and do it", was forced to defend his government, insisting the UK was "not remotely a corrupt country".

"We have a very, very tough system of parliamentary democracy and scrutiny, not least by the media," he added.

"I think what you have got is cases where, sadly, MPs have broken the rules in the past, and may be guilty of breaking the rules today. What I want to see is them facing appropriate sanctions."

Miliband added that Johnson had "skulked away" from that final days of the climate summit "rather than stay in Glasgow to hammer out a vital deal with keeps 1.5 degrees Celsius alive and provides a pathway out of this summit with a mandate for further crucial emissions reductions at the next COP in 2022".






PEACEFUL PROTESTORS - Under new Conservative proposals, police can search and detain activists, then imprison them for 12 months, and also obtain Prevention Orders, without a trial, so depriving them of their Human Rights under Article 6.


The only reason for civil unrest is when the government of the day is not respecting the wishes of the people. In a democracy, the entitlement to Freedom of Thought and to Receive and Impart Information, is a fundamental human right, recognised internationally under the Universal Declaration, as well as the 1998 Act. Boris and his cronies would deprive concerned citizens of that right, so that they could run the country as a dictatorship, rather than a democracy. The constitutional foundation for Adolf Hitler's dictatorship was the Enabling Act on March 24, 1933. It gave the Fuehrer the right to pass any law without the approval of the Reichstag. We imagine most people would see that there are disturbing similarities to the manner of government where there are accountability and transparency issues.




Former shadow trade secretary Barry Gardiner, who was attending the conference on Thursday, said Boris Johnson being forced to defend some "stupid bugger" was "miniscule" in comparison to the importance of the talks.

"I don't even want to talk about it," he told PoliticsHome.

"Not because it's not an important issue domestically, but every time we insert that into our discussion around COP – where we are literally talking about the future survival of humanity on this planet – we are putting it equally with talk about some stupid bugger who's done some stupid thing and he deserves to be punished for it. 

"It's minuscule by comparison, so I don't want to go into it. It dignifies it too much."

Pressure is growing on negotiators to keep the 2015 Paris climate agreement intact which will limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius after a major report said even if countries met their current targets, the world would be on track for 2.4 degrees Celsius by 2100.

One Tory backbencher added: "We know we've got to do better than we've done in the last few weeks, and it was embarassing to see [Johnson] having to say the UK was not corrupt with all the world's media watching. 

"But it is imperative we keep the focus on COP for the next few days. There is a big job to do in Glasgow, and that should be where the focus is."






There were some 8 million deaths globally in 2018 from cancer caused by air pollution. It is worse than Covid19 at 5,078,234 so far in two years (@ November 2021). Thus air pollution from diesel and petrol vehicle exhausts is 3 times more dangerous than Covid19. But the particulate and smog problems are not receiving the attention it deserves. Yet, Jair Bolsonaro stands accused of crimes against humanity for failing to deal with the pandemic.  But then if cancer is a bigger killer, surely failing to deal with air pollution, is also a crime against humanity. As per the UN's Articles 3 and 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: the right to life and prohibition of inhumane treatment (or torture). We would argue that any form of anthropogenic-ally induced cancer constitutes torture. And that makes any world leader who fails to adequately seek prevention - a climate criminal.




The UK's domestic Human Rights Act 1998 does not contain Article 1 or 13, enabling the State to violate a person's human rights and get away with it, because their victim has no effective remedy. They deliberately engineered it that way to disarm the electorate. This is linked to Legal Aid cuts, depriving the ordinary man in the street, of access to the law. Tilting in their favour, instead of levelling the playing field.


The United Kingdom's prime minister in 2021, Boris Johnson, is charged with failing to protect life on earth, as crimes against humanity and our ecology. The Head of State is Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, who is responsible for selecting a government that provides an effective administration for her subjects.


We wonder if many readers will think a government riddled with sleaze and ridiculed as being led by #Bozo @ Clowning Street, will be brainwashed into believing that Johnson's administration is effective.













Climate Nazi Xi Jinping criminal policies Chinese



Chinese President

Xi Jinping



Climate Nazi Joe Biden's American criminal policies



US President

Joe Biden



Ursula von der Leyen, Europe's Nazi climate criminal



EU President

Ursula von der Leyen



Narendra Modi is India's Nazi climate criminal



Indian PM

Narendra Modi



Vladimir Putin is Russian's Climate Change Nazi



Vladimir Putin 

Russian PM



Fumio Kishida is Japan's Nai climate criminal



Japanese PM

Fumio Kishida



Kim Boo-kuym is South Korea's Nazi climate criminal



Kim Boo-kuym

South Korean PM



Mohammed bin Salman is Saudi Arabia's Nazi climate criminal



Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Arabian Ruler



Justin Trudeau, is Canada's Nazi climate criminal



Justin Trudeau

Canadian PM



Jair Bolsonaro, is Brazil's Nazi climate criminal



Jair Bolsonaro

Brazilian PM



Joko Widodo, is South Korea's Nazi climate criminal



Joko Widodo

Indonesian PM



Australian criminal climate Nazi policies Scott Morrison



Scott Morrison

Australian PM






FLOP 26 climate change conference fiasco







If Mr Johnson can escape from local scandal, as he is wont. Despite around 50% of the electorate believing his government is corrupt. He must face the contradictory actions, that show his true colours better than any ten of his gaslight speeches. For actions speak louder than words.


What then are his actions? You'll not be surprised to learn Bozo's actions scream #fossil fuels @ full speed ahead with corruption lurking around every corner:





OWEN PATTERSON MP - Boris Johnson’s approval ratings have hit a record low, according to a poll which found nearly half of UK voters believe the prime minister and his party to be “corrupt” in the wake of the paid lobbying scandal.

The Conservative Party has been engulfed in further allegations of sleaze this week after Mr Johnson not only ordered his MPs to vote against the standards watchdog’s recommendation that now former Tory MP Owen Paterson be suspended for 30 days, but also to establish a new committee to rewrite the process which found he had repeatedly broken lobbying rules.

The findings appear to vindicate John Major’s assessment on Saturday that, as a lifelong Tory – and former Conservative prime minister – if he was “concerned at how the government is behaving”, it was likely that “lots of other people are as well”.

In an extraordinary attack, Sir John accused Mr Johnson’s government of behaving in a manner that is “un-Conservative” and “perhaps politically corrupt”.

Referring to the row over Owen Paterson’s suspension, he told the BBC: “I think the way the government handled that was shameful, wrong and unworthy of this or indeed any government. It also had the effect of trashing the reputation of parliament.”

Opinium found that just 22 per cent of voters now believe the Conservative Party to be “clean and honest”, while 48 per cent think it is “corrupt”.




THE MIRROR 11 NOVEMBER 2021 - Fresh sleaze claims as Tories take 1.5million from oil and gas donors under Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has been blasted for climate change hypocrisy over Tory party funding as Electoral Commission records shows donations stretching back to 2019 linking the Conservatices with oil and gas magnates

he Tories face fresh sleaze allegations after it emerged MPs and the party have taken almost £1.5million in donations from the energy industry under Boris Johnson.

The Prime Minister has been warned his climate crisis credentials lie in tatters as his party has been “swimming in oil and gas money” since he took power.

An analysis of Electoral Commission records shows donations stretching back to 2019 linking the party with oil and gas magnates.

It comes as consumers are braced for massive hikes in their energy bills and as the PM attempts to lead efforts for the world to tackle climate change at the COP26 summit, while facing a flurry of sleaze claims levelled at his MPs since the resignation of Owen Paterson.

Anneliese Dodds, chairwoman of the Labour Party, told the Mirror: “Boris Johnson needs to show some leadership and put an end to the sleaze running rampant through his party and the cash-for-access culture at the heart of his Government.

“Conservative MPs pocketing millions from vested interests can’t be acting in the national interest. It’s not a good look for the Prime Minister to claim commitment on moving past fossil fuels, but at the same time his own party is swimming in oil and gas money.

“We need a Government that puts people and planet first, not one that thinks there’s one rule for the Conservative Party and another for everyone else.”

Donors to the Tories include Alexander Temerko, the Russian-born owner of Aquind. The energy boss and his company handed various MPs, including former Cabinet ministers Liam Fox and Jeremy Hunt, and the current Chief Secretary to the Treasury Simon Clarke, and the party, more than £350,000.

Aquind plans to build a £1.2billion energy pipeline under the English Channel and Mr Temerko was spotted sitting with COP26 President Alok Sharma at this year’s exclusive Black and White Ball, a fundraiser for the Conservative Party.

Ian Taylor, the chief executive of Vitol, who reportedly turned down a knighthood offered by former PM David Cameron, has also handed the party some £115,000 since 2019. The company is a major trader and supplier of North Sea crude oil.

Weeks before the general election in 2019, Mercantile & Maritime gave the party some £500,000. The commodities trading firm was founded by oil broker and billionaire Murtaza Lakhani.

Matthew Ferrey, part of an elite group of Tory donors and a former executive with oil trader Vitol, has given the party £675,000. It includes £15,000 to an individual MP, the former minister and “ Brexit hardman” Steve Baker.

The Wycombe MP told an event at Tory Party conference in 2021 that while “the science is absolutely settled” on climate change, students should be taught they will get “poorer”, “colder”, and eat “insects for protein” as a result of climate policies.

Mr Baker declined to comment. The party’s former treasurer, Mick Davis, a South African-born former executive of mining company Xstrata also handed the party around £30,000.

In January, he set up a firm targeting “troubled mining assets” as well as joining the board of a “coal start-up”.

A Tory source insisted the Conservatives were leading the climate change debate and alleged that claims to the contrary were “misguided”. He said: “No other party in government has done more than the Conservatives to reduce Britain’s dependency on dirty fossil fuels.

“While Labour did next to nothing in government, we put net zero by 2050 into law, banned the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, and our Net Zero Strategy sets out a clear plan to decarbonise every part of our economy to eradicate the UK’s contribution to climate change. Any suggestion this Government is somehow not committed to tackling climate change is hilariously misguided.” [But we are not laughing]

The Mirror approached the MPs for comment about the donations, which were registered and are not subject to a standards investigation.

Calls are intensifying for a crackdown on MPs having second jobs after Sir Geoffrey Cox made some £6m working as a barrister and adviser. Despite barely being in Parliament over the last year, Sir Geoffrey has said he will not stand down.

Former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson was found to have repeatedly lobbied MPs and ministers on behalf of two companies, who together were paying him £100,000.







It is no fault of Boris, that Australia, China, India, Russia and USA have refused to cease using coal in the near future (2030- 2040), but they did sign the Glasgow Climate Pact. Those countries with fossil policies are too entrenched in carcinogenic fuels to save around two hundred and forty 240,000,000 million lives from 2030 to 2050. This figure is based on current death statistics from lung cancer and related respiratory diseases, that are likely to rise as earth's temperature increases. This does not include projected deaths from heat stroke, starvation, thirst and displacement. 




YAHOO 10 NOVEMBER 2021 - Rou Reynolds slams UK government over Shetland Cambo oil field plans

Enter Shikari's Rou Reynolds has slammed the government for their plans to approve a ​Cambo oil field later this year.

The 35-year-old rocker says Boris Johnson's government needs to be held accountable if they allow the polluting tract of land used for the purpose of extracting petroleum to be permitted west of Shetland.

The #StopCambo campaign notes on their website: "Cambo’s owners, the oil giant Shell and private-equity backed Siccar Point Energy, want permission to extract 170 million barrels of oil in the first phase alone. The emissions from this would be equivalent to the annual carbon pollution from 18 coal-fired power stations. The companies plan to operate the field until 2050, the same year the UK has committed to be net zero."

It adds: "In May, the International Energy Agency said that to stay within safe climate limits, there can be no new oil, gas or coal developments. At the exact moment we should be reducing our production of oil and gas, the UK government is planning to expand it."

And the 'Arguing With Thermometers' star says the United Nations Climate Change Conference currently taking place in Glasgow, Scotland, is one thing, but it's important that "we point the finger where it should be pointed at the government and the fossil fuel industry."

Speaking to 'BBC Sport', the frontman urged: “I think still the focus is making sure we point the finger where it should be pointed at the government and the fossil fuel industry.

“You know, we’ve got the government apparently looking at approving the Cambo oil field which would emit three million tonnes of carbon over its lifetime.

“So stuff like that, that’s what we use our platform for, to get real information out there and try and work towards stopping that.”

On top of the detrimental impact on the climate, environmental activists fear it will prove lethal to the abundance of species in the area.

The government is expected to make a full assessment of the area and its impact on the environment.


[But don't hold your breath, we have seen badger set's bulldozed and, owls, bats, ducks and herons ignored  in species surveys when it comes to planning permission for certain developers - coincidentally - also contributors to the Conservative party.]








MOBILE GAS CHAMBERS - The oil barons know about cancer victims dying of lung cancer from carcinogenic and particulate vehicle exhausts, as they reap export dollars in return. During the Second World War, concentration camp guards used petrol and diesel truck exhausts to gas prisoners, before Zyklon B.


You may think that is far removed from millions of cars and trucks pumping out harmful emissions in our modern world. But is it? Surely, with somewhere around eight millions deaths a year from respiratory related diseases, this is somewhat serious. Especially when you consider that the Nazis operated for a shorter time span, finally being brought to account for their homicidal ways, during the war trials after Berlin was taken, many of which convictions related to the mass murder of prisoners in concentration camps.


If the Nazi war criminals were prosecuted and executed, typically by hanging (not that we agree with the death penalty), why are those responsible for perpetuating the policies that are causing untold suffering and death - via the burning of fossil fuels and release into the atmosphere of harmful gases - not being prosecuted? You must admit, that it is a bit of a puzzle.



The Nazis began experimenting with poison gas for the purpose of mass murder in late 1939 with the killing of mental patients (“euthanasia”). A Nazi euphemism, “euthanasia” referred to the systematic killing of those Germans whom the Nazis deemed “unworthy of life” because of mental illness or physical disability

One of several methods used was the gas van. Such vans were first deployed in 1940 in “Euthanasia” operations. Hitler delegated the “Euthanasia” operation to Reichsleiter Philip Bouhler, Dr. Karl Brandt, and several doctors of their choice. The targets were several German population groups: the mentally ill or retarded, the chronically ill, and criminals. At first, the murders were carried out in fixed, sealed chambers, into which carbon monoxide gas was pumped from metal canisters. In addition, some were killed by lethal injections and by shooting. Gas vans were first used in 1940, when Polish mentally ill children were locked in a sealed van and killed by carbon monoxide.

The gas van was invented and used by the Soviet secret police NKVD in the late 1930s during the Great Purge. It was later widely implemented as an extermination method in Nazi Germany to kill those the regime deemed enemies of the Third Reich, mostly Jews.

INVENTION AND USE IN THE SOVIET UNION - The gas van was invented in the Soviet Union in 1936, by Isay Berg, the head of the administrative and economic department of the NKVD of Moscow Oblast which suffocated batches of prisoners with engine fumes in a camouflaged bread van while on the drive out to the mass graves at Butovo, where the prisoners were subsequently buried. According to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, “I. D. Berg was ordered to carry out the decisions of the NKVD troika of Moscow Oblast, and Berg was decently carrying out this assignment: he was driving people to the executions by shooting. But, when in Moscow Oblast there came to be three troikas having their sessions simultaneously, the executioners could not cope with the load. They hit upon a solution: to strip the victims naked, to tie them up, plug their mouths and throw them into a closed truck, disguised from the outside as a bread van. During transportation the fuel gases came into the truck, and when delivered to the farthest [execution] ditch the arrestees were already dead.” Berg denied that he was inventor of the gas van.




A Nazi war criminal is a person who kills an unarmed human being or gives the order to kill another human being outside the normal rules of engagement in times of war.


In peacetime, a Climate Change Criminal, is a politician, industrialist or other person, who conducts themselves and/or directs their policies, or otherwise pursues an agenda such as to (in effect) murder another human being from displacement, starvation or poisoning resulting from action or inaction on their part, including dumping plastic in the sea, as being carcinogenic, like petrol and diesel exhausts that cause lung cancer.


This philosophy extends to causing hardship and stress, contrary to Articles 2 and 3 of the EU's Human Rights Convention and Articles 3 and 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.








The British Army perfected concentration camps in South Africa during the Boer Wars (1880-1881 & 1899-1902) under Lord Herbert Kitchener 1st Earl, then a Field Marshal.

Following Lord Kitchener's new "Scorched Earth" policy (the burning down all Boer homesteads and farms to stop the aid of Boers), many women and children were forcibly moved to prevent the Boers from re-supplying soldiers from their homes. More camps were built and converted to prisons. This relatively new idea was essentially humane in its planning in London but ultimately proved brutal due to its lack of proper implementation.

The first appearance of concentration camps was when the Spanish used them in the Ten Years' War (1868–1878) against Cuba that later led to the Spanish-American War. The United States used them to devastate guerrilla forces during the Philippine-American War. But the concentration camp system of the British was on a much larger scale and that is what Hitler and Himmler liked; the scale of the operation.

A delegate of the South African Women and Children's Distress Fund, Emily Hobhouse, did much to publicise the distress of the inmates on her return to Britain after visiting some of the camps in the Orange Free State. Emily's fifteen-page report caused uproar,and led to a government commission, the Fawcett Commission, visiting camps from August to December 1901 which confirmed her report. They were highly critical of the running of the camps and made numerous recommendations, for example improvements in diet and provision of proper medical facilities. By February 1902 the annual death-rate dropped to 6.9% and eventually to 2%.

The fact remains that Kitchener knew how many humans he was killing with his starvation policy. Like Adolf Hitler and his commanders and camp guards, Kitchener was guilty of crimes against humanity with many people in Britain fully aware of the situation and actively supporting such measures to buoy up the British Empire.







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Adolf Hitler and chum Heinrich Himmler  [Allegedly, Adolf Hitler did not die in that bunker incident C.1949.  Apparently, he was fired into England, strapped to a V1 rocket, leaving behind his false teeth.  He parachuted into Wealden that night hoping to meet some deviants, who'd arranged a new identity for their fallen comrade.  Apparently, he landed in Crowborough, shaved off his moustache and was mistaken for a council official, whereupon he infiltrated the ranks of the local council and trained them how to use his terror tactics to control the peasant civilians.















Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler

German Chancellor


Herman Goring


Herman Goring

Reichsmarschall Luftwaffe


Heinrich Himmler


Heinrich Himmler

Reichsführer Schutzstaffel


Josef Goebbels


Joseph Goebbels

Reich Minister Propaganda


Philipp Bouhler


Philipp Bouhler SS

NSDAP Aktion T4


Josef Mengele


Dr Josef Mengele

Physician Auschwitz


Martin Borman


Martin Borman



Adolf Eichmann


Adolph Eichmann

Holocaust Architect


Erwin Rommel


Erwin Rommel

The Desert Fox


Rudolph Hess


 Rudolf Hess

Auschwitz Commandant


Karl Donitz


Karl Donitz

Submarine Commander


Albert Speer


Albert Speer

Nazi Architect







Nazi death camp executions





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