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UNITED NATIONS IPCC CODE RED - The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the United Nations body for assessing the science related to climate change - has declared a Code Red, we wonder how that equated to the Defense Readiness Condition, better known as the "Defcon" system, in terms of war footing. The climate criminals are already murdering hundreds of thousands of people in the displacement from desertification, and subjecting others to degrading and inhuman treatment. There is little difference between the ethnic cleansing (via gas chambers) carried out in Nazi Germany during World War Two, save  that the Germans concentrated on eliminating one nationality deliberately and in targeted industrialized human slaughter, whereas, frying the planet, could kills many more victims spread across the globe. Surely, anyone can see that the present use of polluting coal to generate electricity, is leading us into a World War Three situation. Only that the war is likely to be commercial, rather than physical conflict.

They say "all is fair in love and war." Well, the world is at war. It is those suffering from climate warming, against those causing global change. In which case it is fair play to call a spade a spade, name names and review the media, with comment where appropriate.


And to ensure fair and balanced reporting, any person identified as causing climate chaos, or failing to take steps to prevent pollution damage, will be given the space on this website to respond to such allegations. The reader may reasonably assume that any failure to respond, is a virtual admission. Because the culprits will have their SEO and PR teams looking at what is being published about them. That is what public relations firms do for their clients, most particularly politicians and corporations.


If we hit them hard in PR terms, it might pay the greenwash brigade to clean up, rather than keep paying for spin, to counter an ever more aware next generations. Those with the buying power of youth, and future votes for genuinely green politicians.






CLIMATE CRIMINALS - They are killing half a million babies a year, in failing to introduce clean energy to third world countries. Burning wood and coal indoors is harmful, as is diesel particulates in cities.


Air pollution in 2019 caused the premature death of nearly half a million babies in their first month of life, with most of the infants being in the developing world, data shows.

Exposure to airborne pollutants is harmful also for babies in the womb. It can cause a premature birth or low birth weight. Both of these factors are associated with higher infant mortality.

Nearly two-thirds of the 500,000 deaths of infants documented were associated with indoor air pollution, particularly arising from solid fuels such as charcoal, wood, and animal dung for cooking.

Medical experts have warned for years of the impacts of dirty air on older people and on those with health conditions, but are only beginning to understand the deadly toll on babies in the womb.

Katherine Walker, principal scientist at the Health Effects Institute, which published the report, said: “We don’t totally understand what the mechanisms are at this stage, but there is something going on that is causing reductions in baby growth and ultimately birth weight. There is an epidemiological link, shown across multiple countries in multiple studies.”

Beate Ritz, professor of epidemiology at UCLA, (University of California, Los Angeles), who was not involved with the study, said the indoor air pollution in cities across India, south-east Asia and Africa was comparable to that of Victorian London.

“This is not the air pollution we see in modern cities [in the rich world] but that which we had 150 years ago in London and other places, where there were coal fires indoors. Indoor air pollution has not been at the forefront for policymakers, but it should be,” Ritz said.

She pointed out that the harm to children went beyond the deaths; reducing air pollution would also lessen harm to survivors. “There is also damage to the brain and other organs from this pollution, so just surviving is not enough – we need to reduce air pollution because of the impact on all these organs too,” she said.

At least 6.7 million deaths globally in 2019 were from long-term exposure to air pollution, a factor raising the risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes, lung cancer and other chronic lung diseases. Air pollution is now the fourth highest cause of death globally, just below smoking and poor diet.




One of the first rules of economics, is that you cannot borrow your way out of debt where you could not afford the initial repayments. All that achieves is more debt later on. Where prime ministers are in a position of trust, it is fraudulent leadership in politics to suggest otherwise and grounds for possible prosecution for criminal negligence and/or corporate manslaughter.





UK SHOCKER - More than 250,000 babies were born in dangerously polluted parts of the UK in 2019, a study has discovered. Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation, the organisations which led the research, said the level of pollution was a “national shame” and called on the government to urgently reduce traffic fumes, the largest source of pollutants.




To overcome their fiscal inadequacies, some world leaders have been allowing virtually unrestricted property development, and reliance on coal for generation, stoking the fires of climate discontent. Many see these antics as crass stupidity any way you look at it. Begging the question: how did these world leaders get elected.


No offence is intended to the victims of the holocaust. Indeed, where global warming holds the potential to kill many more humans than in World War Two, although the actions of leaders in one country may seem benign, in fact, it is inevitable that failure to act immediately to stop death and displacement, because it interferes with your domestic political agenda, is just like lining their once removed victims up in front of a firing squad, and shooting them. It may be kinder that way, than pretending to care - but actually lining up more victims to be executed - by, for example, building more coal fired power stations!




Meaning of modern day usage of the name NAZIS



TAKE IT AWAY BISH - In a BBC interview (1st November 2021) at the climate summit Cop26 in Glasgow, the Church of England’s most senior leader said that world leaders “will be cursed if they don’t get this right”.

He added that “people will speak of them in far stronger terms than we speak today of the politicians of the 30s, of the politicians who ignored what was happening in Nazi Germany because this will kill people all around the world for generations, and we have will have no means of averting it”.

Justin Welby went on to say: “It will allow a genocide on an infinitely greater scale.

“I’m not sure there’s grades of genocide, but there’s width of genocide, and this will be genocide indirectly, by negligence, recklessness, that will in the end come back to us or to our children and grandchildren.”


Where no offence is intended, we feel that families affected by the Holocaust will not take it the wrong way, but more fully understand the context, where the words "Nazi" and "Nazis" is used in every day parlance to describe how a person thinks and acts. Rather than any direct reference to actual crimes committed by any member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.




We may need coal and oil for the next ice age. We don't need to use nature's energy bank now. We are nowhere near the next ice age.


Countries that pursue anti climate-cooling policies are the nasties of politics: Climate Nazis. This includes any world leader who is more interested in making money for and from their country, than saving the planet from global warming, and safeguarding the people, flora and fauna in their geographical region.






Nazi Swastika german flag




Ranked in order of harm to the planet, and/or failure to implement policy change, offenders include Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Scott Morrison, Jair Bolsonaro (& Ricardo Salles) and Narendra Modi, with Boris Johnson (& Rishi Sunak) bringing up the rear, but with the UK so small, hardly worth a mention.


In the fight against climate change the 'Dirty Dozen' are the new war criminals, that will be held accountable during any future trials for operating immorally, and in denial of the majority of countries who are suffering as a result of their brutal politics.


Presumably, they enjoy acting the part of Adolf Hitler, as they put their political jack-boots in, to give vulnerable countries a good kicking.




A documentary on climate change by Ulrich Eichelmann




The cure is not to placate these dictators, but to strangle their anti-social economic activities, by not trading with them. We need to make them climate outcasts. The point being they would probably think being labeled a Climate Nazi, as a compliment.


This would mean using home grown replacements for goods they might export. Or, seeking alternatives from countries that operate sustainable policies, such as tree planting, rather than tree clearing as in Brazil. Surely, 'The Boys From Brazil.' Where many of Hitler's war criminals fled as Berlin was captured by the Allies.


What chance have we? We doubt the G7 (extending to G20) will be able to change, so entrenched are they in over-borrowing and debt from kleptocracy - meaning COP 26 will be FLOP26, leading to FLOP27 and so on. Policies need to change significantly, to tax our coal and oil, and bring in solar and wind power renewables, for green electrification of transport.



FLOP 26 climate change conference fiasco



DefCon 1 serious war footing Code RedDefCon 2, preparing for all out war, Code Amber



CODES RED - BLUE - The scales of war are equally applicable to the heating of the planet in terms of changing our climate. Although there has been a lot of speak about changing our ways, local authorities have carried on business as usual. That multiplied by all the Member Nations thinking the same, has taken us to the brink.




Many of our present (and past) rulers have shown themselves as unfit to govern - with COP 26 about to brand some climate Nazis, as they procrastinate in favour of dirty tech, farming habits, bitcoin mining and cryptocurrencies. They are leading us to the brink of extinction with their disgusting coal fired economies and other carbon release activities.






Climate Nazi Xi Jinping criminal policies Chinese



Chinese President

Xi Jinping





US President

Joe Biden





EU President

Ursula von der Leyen





Indian PM

Narendra Modi





Vladimir Putin 

Russian PM





Japanese PM

Fumio Kishida





Kim Boo-kuym

South Korean PM





Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Arabian Ruler





Justin Trudeau

Canadian PM





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Joko Widodo

Indonesian PM



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Scott Morrison

Australian PM







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