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Hydrogen powered red double decker electric bus


SMARTNET FLATPACKS - Every country needs a reliable transport system, including buses, cars, vans and trucks. In the sustainable future we are striving for, battery and hydrogen power offers a load levelling solution for smart management of solar and wind renewable energy generation. Buses like that shown above could be refuelled in a couple of minutes in the proposed SMARTNET services stations.



The Cleaner Ocean Foundation is a not for profit organization dedicated to conservation research, solution development and lobbying for common sense.


Though aimed at cleaning up our oceans, the Foundation works in diverse ways to promote technology on land that will have a beneficial effect on the oceans. One such promotion is zero carbon transport, in that global warming is having a devastating effect as ocean acidification and melting ice caps.


The move by all nations to renewable energy means more load leveling will be needed than ever before to make the best of their solar and wind generated electricity. As cars transition from petrol and diesel liquid fuels to electrical energy stored in solid batteries, or hydrogen fuel cells, service stations provide a solution to a more effective low carbon society.





Drawing Board to Prototype - The Foundation develops concepts from the drawing board to demonstration prototype stage, including CAD design, up to welding fabrication of sub-assemblies, and construction on site. We specialize in problem solving to break catch 22 situations that impede social progress.


Patent Protection - We have patent strategies to protect technology developments for subsequent commercialization and to attract and secure investment, including drafting agreements and licenses. The aim being to make it happen.


Consortium Building & Project Management - The Foundation bring experts in various fields together to build consortiums for applications to the European Commission and other grant funders. We also manage projects, taking expert contributions and merging them into a cohesive package, such that multi-faceted automation, engineering, electrical and chemical models might be completed as a rewarding collaborative enterprise.


Lobbying, Events & Networking - We have experience attending shows as exhibitors, attending trade shows as visitors, networking for contacts and marketing purposes - and lobbying the UN, EU and others stakeholders. We also have two public speakers for conferences.



An example of social innovation that we helped to progress between 2018-19, is the SeaVax Pilot.


Our associate trading company has constructed a concept electric sports car incorporating powered energy cartridge exchange.




FROM DRAWING BOARD - These were the outline drawings for the small sports car, as produced by Bluebird Marine Systems' volunteer students in 2014. The vehicle has been mothballed in case it might be useful for events and the like. If that were the case, it would be exhibited with painted bodywork and trimmed in leather, not as seen below. The roof, boot and bonnet of this car will feature solar panels, by way of capturing more free energy. We feel that all new cars and trucks should feature onboard solar assistance.






TO PROTOTYPE - This small 2 seat sports car (student special) has a battery cartridge system built into the chassis - based on production car sub-frames, using 50hp dc pancake motors, she managed 80mph. In the autumn of 2014 a group of volunteers working for Bluebird Marine Systems, were shown how to create a spaceframe design from recycled materials. For example, the gull-wing doors are made from old office chairs. The project was designed to show young engineers how to be creative on a budget. The students learned how to work in wood and shape in foam. The car is stored in a custom built protective case.





Bluebird Energy Systems trade marks electricity storage


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HYDROGEN FUEL CELL CARTRIDGE - It looks like a battery cartridge. It performs like a battery cartridge. It stores energy like a battery cartridge, but it is a hydrogen fuel store and fuel cell cartridge combination. Where lithium and cobalt raw materials may limit the production numbers of EVs as green motoring becomes the norm, hydrogen in a safe format might offer unlimited possibilities. The concept is compatible with SMARTNET FASTCHARGE service stations. NOTE: This is just a concept, not a product yet. More development is needed to before mass production could be entertained.








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