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Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association



The Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association promotes and develops Scottish expertise in fuel cells and hydrogen technologies. SHFCA brings together the expertise and experience of Scotlandís specialised fuel cell companies, academic institutions, research and development bodies, power generation companies, energy consultants, Scottish Enterprise and local enterprise companies, and students and individuals with an interest in the subject. Membership is open to all-comers.


SHFCA provides a coherent voice to represent, promote and develop Scottish hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. The Association engages with Scottish and UK government to create the right framework for the industry to develop. SHFCA is developing relationships with other national and international hydrogen and fuel cell bodies to work together to evolve a mutually beneficial strategy to create and develop a global sustainable hydrogen and fuel cell market.


There is a very considerable opportunity for the UK to achieve a major hydrogen and fuel cell economy if significant increases in R&D support are provided in accord with investments for competitors such as Japan, US and Germany. We believe that through SHFCA we can harness the skills and expertise available in Scotland and ensure that they are promoted on a national and international stage. We are at the dawn of the third industrial age and with a maturing oil and gas province, we must develop alternative opportunities.




SHFCA's mission aims are to:


- Be the main driver for the development of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell industry in its broadest sense in Scotland


- Have an effective presence and represent the industry at Scottish, UK and EU levels


- Engage with government in Scotland and in the UK on behalf of the industry


- Communicate the wider benefits from using hydrogen and fuel cell technologies with renewable energy and cleantech


- Identify and facilitate business opportunities for members


- Provide networking opportunities for members


- Act as a vehicle for attracting funds for member companies and projects


- Propose projects in which members can participate


- Provide opportunities for collaborative working among members


- Promote member organisationsí and our collective capability


- Provide a forum for sharing information and raising awareness


- Advise on and create best practice for the industry


- Be a source of advice and facilitate access to relevant technical expertise





Hydrogen: Scaling Up Hydrogen & Fuel Cells


Scotland has set a target for Net Zero by 2045, with hydrogen featuring in plans for rapid decarbonisation of heat, industry, and heavy duty transport. We will hear about progress with transport fuel cell applications from Nicolas Pocard, and with hydrogen for heat from Mark Crowther.


This will be complemented by insights from Mirela Atanasiu and Dr Kerry-Ann Adamson on the priorities for post-COVID economic recovery, and the opportunity to pivot towards sustainable energy and transport solutions, not just in Scotland but also UK and Europe.

Chair: Nigel Holmes, CEO, Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA)








A Martinez-Felipe BOC - A member of the Linde Group
Abbott Risk Consulting Bright Green Hydrogen
Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG) British Geological Survey
Adrian Wilson BHA - British HydroPower Association
Almaas Technologies Ltd Calvera - compressed gas transport & storage
Anderson Strathern LLP Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association 
Aquatera Ceimig
Aragon Hydrogen Foundation Cenex
Arcola Energy Ltd Chesterfield Special Cylinders
AREVA H2Gen Cloffrickford Renewable Energy
Arup Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL)
Ballard Power Systems - -

Delta-EE Fife Council
DEME (Dredging, Environmental & Marine Eng) Frazer-Nash Consultancy
DS Consulting GmbH Fuel Cell Systems
E4 Tech GL Industrial Services UK (DNV)
Edinburgh Napier University Greatest Expectations
Element Energy Green Hydrogen Consulting
Ellis IP H2 Chile
European Marine Energy Centre Haskel Europe
Energy Skills Partnership Heriot Watt University
Energy Technology Centre Highlands & Islands Enterprise
Enocell Hydrenor
European Policy Solutions European Policy Solutions Hydrogen Denmark
Ewan Dorris Hydrogen London
Express Pipework Systems Hydrogenics Europe BV Hydrogenics
Farid Hillend Engineering HySAFE
- -

ICS International Orkney Islands Council
iPower Pale Blue Dot
ITM Power Phoenix Natural Gas
Jonathan Lewis Consulting PHY Consulting
Kiwa Gastec Protium Energy Ltd
Linnet Technology Proton Motor GmbH
Locogen Proton OnSite
Logan Energy PURE Energy Centre
Microcab Renewable Hydrogen Alliance (USA)
Nanosun Risktec Solutions
New Zealand Hydrogen Association New Zealand Hydrogen Association -
Nederlandse Waterstof en Brandstofcel Associatie -

SGN Trilemma Consulting
SSE Scottish & Southern Electricity TUV SUD
Scottish Cities Alliance UKHFCA
Scottish Enterprise ULEMCo
Scottish Wholesale Association University College London
Shapinsay Development Trust University of Edinburgh
Siggi Huegemann University of St Andrews
Systeng Consulting University of Strathclyde
TCP (Taylor Construction Plant) Vivarail
- -





SUSTAINING & DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY - A bit of a buzzword and something that many would be entrepreneurs are on the lookout for, but that existing businesses with what seems like an unshakeable hold on the market tend to try to ignore, disruptive technology has a habit of wiping out those established (old school) household names, as consumers rush to get the latest clean technology.


With the speed of change these days, sitting still to see how the market develops, is going backwards into commercial oblivion. Much the same can be said for doing nothing about climate change. Oil companies are seen to be the next dinosaurs to face the march of time, with the coronavirus causing a crash in crude prices, as unnecessary travel ceased during isolation rules.







If we want a practical solution in place within the next 25 years to meet Scotland's climate change targets, with implementation starting in the next 7-10 years, hydrogen has many obstacles to overcome, where battery exchange recharging by swapping packs is already making headway in China and India.


One potential solution under development by Bluebird Energy Systems is a Dual Fuel service station where energy packs can include hydrogen as the storage medium. With such a system, instead of competing with batteries, hydrogen fuel cell interests can work alongside battery concerns to build a comprehensive transport infrastructure.








Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association
Energy Technology Centre
Rankine Avenue
Scottish Enterprise Technology Park
East Kilbride
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T: +44 (0)1355 593570
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